Diploma in Beer & Homebrewing

InstructorClark Valmont
TypeOnline Course

Diploma in Beer & Homebrewing

This course is currently closed to new enrolments.

Beer has been with mankind since the early days of civilization. It has accompanied many societies at their festive social events and individuals through celebrations, meals, social outings and more.

Our course talks you through all the must knows about beer, beer brewing and homebrewing. In no time you’ll be doing just that.

This course covers many areas including

• Beer ingredients and how these flavor, stability and style of beer
• Techniques to conduct your own home brewing
• Brewing processes
• Fermentation
• Mashing, lauretering and conditioning
• Conditioning, priming and bottling beer
• Producing your own home brewed beer

The course suits audiences who are either new to brew brewing, or want to further develop on their basic understanding of it.

Potential career paths this may lead to:
-Hospitality manager
-Craft brew maker
-Event manager
-Catering and events manager
-Beer entrepreneur

You must be 18 years of age or older to take this course.Digital certificate included in course fees. Printed certificate available at additional cost.

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