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Our students include many professionals throughout the country, looking to up skill and excel in different areas of study. 

With courses covering software packages, accounting, business, marketing, communications and more – excel your career with top NZ educators who now share their knowledge online.

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References Available

On selected courses, our tutors will personally assess your work. They will grade it to see you have understand practical applications of each course. You’ll then receive a written reference letter.

Reference letters are helpful in your career & job search, especially from a trusted school like Auckland College. Auckland College is our country’s online classroom supported by many local and international educators. You can include reference letters when applying for jobs.

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Certificates of Completion

Earn certificates to show employers that you are determined to excel, and include them on your CV. Having certifications shows employers that a school recognises your proficiency – and you aren’t just anyone who can use that software, you’re an expert.

Our courses are assessed and self paced. Learn how to use software. Test yourself. Access downloadable content. And answer quizzes.

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Video Learning

All of our major courses are supported by online video learning. We actually show you how to use the software using video.

Gone are the day of nasty online schools that use diagrams and long presentations to show you how to use software. Our videos along with engaging commentary from instructors makes learning fun and straightforward.

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Auckland College

Auckland College provides relevant New Zealand and Australian education and teachers in an online classroom. Our online classrooms are easy to learn from with clearly documented lessons, expert course content and real world examples.

Our School

  • Get Certificates of Completion to use on your CV
  • Receive references from tutors
  • Easy to understand online learning
  • Presented by quality instructors
  • Learn at your own pace

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