How can I access Auckland College?

To access Auckland College, you must register an account first.

How can I register?

To register an account, click on the “register button.” Make sure to use an active email address.


I have already registered, I still can’t sign in to my account. 

Once you have registered, an activation email is sent to your registered email address to confirm your email address.

I checked my mail, I still did not receive an activation email.

A lot of email providers often block lists email from unknown sources, do not forget to check your junk mail or your spam folder. If you still haven’t received the activation email within 24 hours, contact Auckland Support for assistance.

I can’t access my account, I have forgotten my password.

  • To reset your password, click the “Sign In” button.
  • Select “Password Recovery” option.
  • Provide the registered email address.
  • Select “Reset Password.”
  • Check your email for the system generated password.

I have signed in and I want to update my profile and change my billing information. How do I do that?

  • Click the “My Courses” button on the upper right hand corner.
  • Then update your billing information. Once done, click on “Save Changes.” 

How do I view my courses? 

To view your courses, click on “My Courses” on the upper right hand.

I purchased a code from a group buying website, how do I redeem and activate it? 

Note: Please follow this step-by-step guide in redeeming the code. Or else, you won’t be able to activate the code successfully.

  • Access “Courses” and you’ll be given a list of courses available. Select the course that you purchased from the group buying website and click it. You will be directed to the course information page.
  • Click “take this course” button. Some courses have a disclaimer, just click the agree button to continue.
  • Look for “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code.”
  • Provide your coupon code provided to you by the group buying website, and select “Apply.”
    Note: This does not mean you’re ready to go with the course. The code would only apply once you have completed the next step.
  • Next step is to provide your billing information. Or if your billing information is already updated, then simply click on “Place Order.”
    Note: This will bring you to a Paypal page however you won’t be billed for the full amount as long as you have a coupon code. In case you have been charged, please contact Auckland Support so we can assist you.

I followed all the steps in redeeming the code, however it says “my code does not exist.” What do I do? 

This error usually comes up if the selected course does not match up to the coupon code information. Make sure to select the matching course from the “Courses” menu.

I have successfully redeemed the code and when I click “My Courses” on top, the course is not available or missing. 

Once a code is redeemed, we advise our students to access the courses after 24 hours of code redemption. If it has been over 24 hours and the course is still unavailable, contact Auckland Support for assistance.

Is there a specific time frame as to when to redeem the code? 

Our group buying partners may have set a specific expiry period of the coupons you purchased as to when you can only redeem it. Make sure to check the coupon details.

Is there a specific time frame as to when we can complete the course? 

We give our students 10 weeks to be able to complete the courses and its quizzes.

After completing the courses and quizzes, can we request for a certificate?

Yes. In order to request for a certificate, make sure to:

  • Mark all lessons as complete.
  • Obtain at least 80% or higher on your quizzes.
    Note: Once all conditions are met, your “View Certificate” will be available.

Some of the courses require a software that we need to use to complete project files in order to complete the course, do we need to purchase a license for the software? 

It is your discretion to purchase the license of the software. However we only advise our students to download the trial version of the software.