InstructorClark Valmont
TypeOnline Course

As a market leader in what it does, SAP offers businesses the ability to overcome complexities through an amazing and very flexible, software package suite.

Famous companies that use SAP include Burger King, General Motors, Bayer, IBM, PwC, Walt Disney, KPMG, Chrysler, Shell, Microsoft and more.

SAP continues to grow internationally for businesses in lines of work that have any form of manufacturing, transport of goods, logistics, finances, staff teams and more. Our course equips you for using SAP in the workplace. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the most commonly used parts of SAP.

Specifically, you’ll learn all about:
-An introduction to what SAP is, and why it matters
-The different modules of SAP

Practical explanations on how to use:

-The MM Module (Manufacturing, materials, cost of goods and materials, etc.)
– The HR Module (Human resources)
– The FI Module (For inputting financial transactions, etc.)
– The SD Module (Sales and distribution e.g. billing, sales orders, returns, etc)
– The CO Module (Control module – planning, reporting, operations)

Potential career paths this may lead to:
-Supply chain manager
-Business consultant
-Senior manager
-Distribution expert

Many of the students who complete this course find themselves landing higher paying positions as a result of knowing how to use SAP.

Access to SAP is not required to complete this course.

Digital certificate included in course fees. Printed certificate available at additional cost.

Section 1SAP MM Module
Lecture 1Introduction to SAP MM Module
Lecture 2Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Lecture 3Procurement & Inventory Management
Lecture 4Practical Demonstration of MM Module
Section 2SAP HR Module
Lecture 5Introduction to SAP HR Module
Lecture 6SAP Personnel Management
Lecture 7SAP Time Management
Lecture 8Practical Demonstration of SAP HR Module
Section 3SAP CO Module
Lecture 9Introduction to SAP CO Module
Lecture 10Functionalities of CO-OM-CCA and CO-PCA
Lecture 11Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
Lecture 12Practical Demonstration of SAP CO Module
Section 4SAP FI Module
Lecture 13Introduction to SAP FI Module
Lecture 14General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL)
Lecture 15Process Flow of SAP FI-AP and FI-AR
Lecture 16Practical Demonstration of SAP FI Module
Section 5SAP SD Module
Lecture 17Introduction to SAP SD Module
Lecture 18Roles in Sales and Distribution Module
Lecture 19Sales and Distribution Documents in SAP
Lecture 20Practical Demonstrations of SD Module
Section 6Quiz – HR Module
Lecture 21Quiz – HR Module
Section Quiz
Section 7Quiz – MM Module
Lecture 22Quiz – MM Module
Section Quiz
Section 8Quiz – CO Module
Lecture 23Quiz – CO Module
Section Quiz
Section 9Quiz – FI Module
Lecture 24Quiz – FI Module
Section Quiz
Section 10Quiz – SD Module
Lecture 25Quiz – SD Module
Section Quiz